Selina to make comeback as radio host?

 During an interview, Jen baba (Selina's Father) stated that Selina Jen might not necessarily return to being a singer after she heals. She might turn to developing areas where there is no need to show her face. That is why he sought out the CEO of UFO Radio, Chang Hsiao-yen, to discuss the possibility of her taking over a broadcast. This prompted Jiao Jiao (once pursuer now friend) to jump out immediately and offer his 2pm show, "During rehabilitation each days, she has to face her own scars. I think she would become more and more confined to herself. Is she has a job, she might be able to divert her thoughts. It has to be better than now. Plus, I think that her voice is very good and will fit very well as a radio host. If no time slot can be found, I can give up my slot." However, Chang Hsiao-yen has stated, "I hope he doesn't think too much into it. Jen baba  and I have discussed over a meal. In regards to Selina, I have my own arrangements."

Previously Jiao Jiao had tried to pursue Selina, but in the end became good friends instead of lovers. He said, "Before she got into the accident, we kept in touch through MSN. She is a great girl and will frequently care about how I am doing, asking me how I was recently, whether I was busy. In all honestly, how busy can I be? At my busiest, I still couldn't be as busy as S.H.E., but she still found the time to be caring. Just a few simple words touched me a lot."

According to Chang Hsiao-yen, during the Chinese New Year celebration period, she had had a meal with Jen baba to discuss Selina's possibility of become a host, "We have some preliminary thoughts, but we still have to discuss the details. It's inconvenient to say right now since discussing what time slot we would give her right not is not fair to those who are hosting currently." As for Jiao Jiao's offer, she jokingly said, "Sure, if we really can't find a time slot, then we'll give Jiao Jiao's to her." If Selina is to come back through radio hosting, then she will definitely be on UFO and Chang Hsiao-yen has already guaranteed that if she is to host, in her condition, she will not be on very late at night.

Source:  UDN

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