Random Chat (#15)

Gotten over Wu Chun yet?
Actually been watching Fierce Wife and happy it's getting good?
Want Cyndi to get together with Lee Wei (after getting out of hospital, of course)?
Show could not have bought charts!...Or...Of course he did, there's no way the new album could have sold that much!
Sigh of relief from Extravagant Challenge finally getting somewhere?
Other random thoughts on the news or the site?

For this week...a song that has no lyrics! It's been hugely popular recently. Check out renditions by some well known stars.

Mentally Disturbed (忐忑) Original

Super Junior-M Kyuhyun & ZhouMi version

Fish Leong Version | Freya Lim (singer for Fierce Wife's opening theme) + Chen Han-Dian's version

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