Rainie Yang learns how to bake and gives some acting advice

Get ready for the newest star of “Drunken to Love You,” debuting for the first time along with the drama in mid-April! It's none other than master baker Wu Bao Chun's newest creation, the “Croissant Ice Cream Bread.” This special bread is said to have been specifically made to have a new kind of taste that will match the drama’s plotline. The bread is also, of course, the weapon of choice that brings Rainie Yang and Joseph Cheng’s respective characters together.

Yesterday, baker Wu Bao Chun visited the set of “Drunken to Love You” with his specialty bread, its scent drawing even Rainie Yang to the source. He personally made a “Rice Wine Lychee Bread” and a “Glutinous Rice Wine Bread,” names coincidentally fitting for the drama, and offered Rainie Yang a taste of his work. Wu Bao Chun will also be taking on acting for the first time in the drama, unsurprisingly in the role of an expert baker. Confessing his nervousness, he mentioned he would be asking Rainie Yang for tips on how to act. She replied that she hoped to learn some baking techniques from the renowned baker.

SETTV-produced drama “Drunken to Love You” beat out 小資女孩向錢衝 (roughly “Working Girl Aiming for Money) in wrapping up, and will be taking over Channel-X’s slot in mid-April on TTV. The drama starring Golden Bell-winning actress Rainie Yang claims to be the first of its kind to meld pop culture and literary art, taking on Taiwan’s Soochou University Asosociate Professor Liu Wei Gong as a consultant. It will touch on Taiwan’s culture surrounding even its characteristic alleys. Approximately 300 small specialty stores in these very alleys will be the setting for this drama, with tentative plans of creating a travel book using these stores as a premise.

With “Channel-X” wrapping up soon, and “Drunken to Love You” to fill its slot, will a new show be able to rescue the disappointing ratings of idol dramas?

Source: UDN

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