Mike He comments on military service and Cyndi Wang in hospital

It's been 10 days since Cyndi Wang was admitted into the hospital for inflammation of her skin. Her co-star, Mike He, commented, "Her lips suddenly swelled during filming. The next day, we had to film a kissing scene. She was afraid that she looked ugly and was laughing in an embarrassed way the whole time. She even joked that perhaps she would get well if she gave it to me." He also said that she was so embarrassed by her lips that she hid in the bathroom and refused to emerge. The director had went to placate her as soon as possible believe that she might have had an allergic reaction to seafood or something of the likes. However, since the swelling continued, she went to a hospital. But within 5 days she had to go to 3 different hospitals because the first one said that it was just edema, the second one said that it was allergies, and by the time she got to the third one, it had already been infected. According to Cyndi's manager, she should be able to leave the hospital in the next two days.

As for Mike, he could not dodge the military service questions any longer and finally stated that he has a chronic spine ailment, "If after inspection, I am required to serve, then I will report for duty in two years." He has apparently already filled his schedule up to the summer of next year.

Source: Nextmedia

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