Lottery winner helps FTV/TTV telethon to raise over 100 million

The first of two telethons for disaster relief in Japan took place earlier today. TTV and FTV joined hands to host “Send Love to Japan – 311 Disaster relief” and raised approximately 114 million NTD (~ 3.85 million USD.) Some reports from yesterday suggested that the two networks had dropped out of the "Believe in Hope" telethon (from CTS/CTV/PTS) due to disagreements over ad profits. Both sides have their reasons, but like producer Wang Wei Chung (of "Believe in Hope") said, “It’s a good thing as long as someone’s doing it.” Veteran entertainer Bai Bing Bing added, “Those who haven’t donated enough can come back tomorrow night and donate some more.”

The total amount raised by “Send Love to Japan” had originally stalled at 60 million. But thanks to a generous donation by an individual named Mr. Chen, the show was able to raise over 100 million NTD. As it turned out, Mr. Chen has actually won a 300 million jackpot because of host Zhu Ge Liang. He saw Zhu's “Buy an extra ticket” lottery campaign while purchasing tickets and decided to get some more, which eventually led to the win. There were some confusion that he had wanted to donate 100 million, but after seven minutes of negotiation, the amount was scaled down to a still impressive 50 million (~1.69 million USD).

The next telethon, "Believe in Hope, Fight & Smile", can be streamed live from NextTv on March 18th starting at 8pm local time (8am EST). For updates and donation info, please kindly visit the Google Crisis Response page.

(Note: The NextTV link has been updated to show the correct channel.)

Source: Libertytimes, TVBS

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