Leehom Wang gets punished at Jason Tang’s wedding

Jason Tang said goodbye to single life as he married his girlfriend of one year on March 4th. Groomsmen Leehom Wang, Will Pan and Blackie Charles Chen got up as early as 7 am to take part in their buddy's big event. One of their tasks included accompanying the groom to pick up his bride before the wedding ceremony. As Blackie revealed, the groom was challenged to a game of "Guess the bride’s lip print" to which he failed miserably. For punishment, Leehom took one for the team and kissed Jason’s (now) mother-in-law. The proud parent was overjoyed and clapped her hands, while he praised her for having great skin. Reflecting on his “kiss”, Leehom said, “Who knew Jason couldn’t recognize his wife’s lips? He got it wrong five times in a row!” On the other hand, Will Pan laughed and said, “When it’s our turn to get married, it’ll be even bigger!”

Video from Apple Action News

Source: Appledaily, Nownews

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