Lee Wei makes singing comeback; comments about Cyndi Wang

Actor Lee Wei officially signed a management contract with Polyland International Entertainment on February 28th. During the press conference, Lee Wei’s manager specifically advised, “You are not allowed to date for at least six months.” – weary of Lee Wei’s endless rumors surrounding his love relationships. But Lee Wei has long transformed from a young idol to a mature man, so the media quickly responded, “Just don’t let us catch you, and you’ll be fine!”

Nonetheless, the media were still curious of his previously rumored relationship with Cyndi Wang. With recent news of Cyndi and Mike He getting close and going out to the movies together, Lee Wei expressed, “A lot of times there will be rumors surrounding actors of the same drama. It’s all for the good of the drama.” – implying that the rumors of Cyndi and Mike are just part of promoting their drama. As for Cyndi and himself, Lee Wei answered sincerely, “We are friends, but I don’t want to make it a definite answer,” leaving room for possibilities.

Lee Wei is currently busy filming CTS’ upcoming drama, “Monga Yao Hui” (艋舺燿輝, formerly 花月艋舺), which is based off of a classic series. He will be surprising the fans by singing both the opening and ending theme songs to the drama. It’s been five years since Lee Wei has released an album, and he joked, “I went to the KTV with Kang Kang before, and he even said that my singing has improved a lot.” This year also marks the 10th anniversary for his disbanded boy group, WEWE, with Lin Yo-Wei. He laughed, “I can’t even dance now.”

“Monga Yao Hui” is estimated to finish filming in May. Lee Wei’s management company plans to help Lee Wei further his career on the big screen.

Source: UDN, returnofthesmith's channel

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