Jerry Yan spotted eating steak with Producer Chai

A fan from China posted a message on Weibo, claiming to have seen Jerry Yan and Producer Angie Chai dining together at Flamme Steakhouse in Beijing on the 8th of this month. This post has made waves online, leading to many speculating whether Jerry will be collaborating on another idol drama with Producer Chai.
Jerry’s manager Fenny did not directly deny that the encounter had taken place, but said the claims were ridiculous because Jerry has not had any activities scheduled in China recently. Regarding whether Jerry will have new acting projects this year, Fenny replied that everything is still under discussion.

Last year after dropping out of Material Queen due to illness, Jerry has not appeared in the public eye for a long time. His comeback has been anticipated by fans, and his recent re-emergence has many people watching his every move, eager to see what new project he will be undertaking after such a long absence. Fans even left messages on Angie Chai’s Weibo, asking her whether the claims are true. She also did not give a direct answer.

The last time the two were involved in the same project together was in 2002, with the production of Meteor Garden II. Ten years have passed, but it still remains to be seen if Jerry and Angie will collaborate again. Perhaps they can create another idol drama to take Asia by storm, considering the recent idol dramas have all suffered from painfully low ratings.

Source: UDN

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