Jam Hsiao and JJ Lin get intimate

Recently, Jam Hsiao and JJ Lin have been rumored to be in a romantic relationship after the two went out for dinner together. The rumors actually started with Jam's microblog post, “I want to go ‘eat’ JJ!” which he wrote just before heading out (‘eat’ could mean ‘to possess’, ‘to pursue’, etc…) The fans immediately reacted to the post with many exclaiming, “He came out!”

Jam and JJ revealed that they became good friends due to their love for music, so they often hang out together. In fact, they will both be celebrating their birthdays this month. In regards to the fans’ responses, JJ humorously asked Jam, “Are you that hungry? Then I’d better put some more sauce on me, or else you’ll only be able to taste my sweat!” They even had a little competition to see who the bigger eater was.

Jam was JJ's special concert guest at Singapore; they sang and danced to Michael Jackson's "Black or White". JJ is heading back to Taiwan to hold an autographing event at Ximending on the 13th and then a concert on April 1st.

Source: NOWnews, LibertyTimes

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