Girly photo of MissTER’s Diana revealed

Last month, girl group MissTER debuted with an androgynous image onstage, quickly attracting attention for its different approach. Leader Diana has been known for her boyish look since competing in One Million Stars Season 2 three years ago. However, Appledaily recently uncovered an old photo that reveals a more girly-looking 17 year old Diana, shocking those that saw it.

Loves using KITTY merchandise

Diana admitted that the picture revealed was her teenage self and confessed to Appledaily, “Inside, I’m still truly girly, even though everyone comments on how manly our group is.” She mentioned how the group loves items from the KITTY line, commenting that this more girly side of them is also a part of the group.

So what do you think about this more girly Diane of years before?

Source: Appledaily

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