The forgotten boyband Hero finally gets ready to launch

Boygroup HERO is finally debuting on the 25th with "HERO album", and the 1000 signed limited editions have been completely pre-ordered. With great results like these, as well as the members' efforts, it's thanks to HERO's visit to the White Dragon King in Thailand.

By visiting before their formal debut, the White Dragon King gave HERO good blessings about their upcoming release, and granted them a blessed White Dagon Amulet. According to the local tour guide, the White Dragon Amulet is only given to his apprentices, like Andy Lau, Richie Ren, Tony Leung, Carina Lau and Show Luo.

The White Dragon King also asks HERO to continue doing good deeds, and suggests that they keep their group to 3 members, as 3 is a lucky number for groups. It limits group separation, where a good example of this is S.H.E. HERO was very happy to receive the White Dragon King's blessing, and said that they would work hard.

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Source: NOWnews

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