Filming halts with Cyndi Wang in hospital

Last Friday, Cyndi Wang was sent to the hospital due to severe rashes around her mouth and nose area. It turns out that she has an infection from a mouth ulcer, which caused inflammation of her skin (Cellulitis). Cyndi’s manager explains that Cyndi had a mouth ulcer on the 19th of last month, and it wasn’t healing. Cyndi’s lips started to swell so the doctor gave her some medicine, but it had no effect and the swelling continued. Since they were finishing the filming for GTV’s upcoming idol drama, “Mei Le, Go”, they applied makeup to cover up the redness and left it be.

Cyndi’s manager became worried and sent her to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor concluded that she has a weak immune system, resulting in the infection. Cyndi is currently staying in the hospital for treatment. She is having trouble eating due to the pain in her mouth. Thus, she can only take in food in liquid form, and she is also given IV drips every 8 hours to replenish her nutrition. Despite her current condition, Cyndi is still worrying about her work, “(I’m) very sorry to everyone. It’s because I didn’t take good care of myself so I’m causing the delay to the drama filming.”

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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