The Fierce Wife overtakes Rookies Diary as the #1 TV show

It’s no small feat considering many thought “The Fierce Wife” didn't have much of a chance when it premiered last November. Four months and eighteen episodes later, the Friday at 10 drama is now number one overall amongst currently airing shows. It scored an average rating of 7.11%, while second place “Rookies’ Diary” pulled in a respectable 6.17%.

Amidst all the positive news, “The Fierce Wife” did come under fire for a bottle-throwing scene that aired last week. The scene, which was shot at a local park, showed Chris Wang’s character encouraging Sonia Sui’s to throw glass bottles at a wall to relieve her frustration. A “Wife” viewer who regularly visits the park found pieces of shattered glass in the grass field. He is concerned that unaware locals or their dogs might accidentally step on debris left behind by the production. “Wife” producer Wang Pei Hua responded saying that they have already added a warning during the scene and asked the crew to clean the area at the time of filming. She will send her staff out again to ensure the remaining pieces are removed.

In other ratings news, the revamped “Guess Guess Guess” (now called “You Guess, You Guess, You Guess Guess Guess” in Chinese) scored mediocre ratings (1.08%) despite the return of long-time host Jacky Wu. He, along with cohost Patty Hou, greeted viewers with a live broadcast as the show retuned to its original timeslot of Saturday at 10. Over on Sunday, “Love Buffet” finished out its run at number two with an average rating of 1.15%. FTV will begin airing their own idol drama production “Love Lets Us Be Together” starting this Sunday. From what’s been shown in the preview, “Love” feels more “primetime” than “idol” – which should appeal to FTV’s core audience but probably not the crowd that used to watch idol dramas.

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Source: Chinatimes, SETTV

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