Fan Fan and Da S celebrate, 20 other celebrity couples rush to the altar

Get ready because it's going to be a long walk down the aisle...

With this year being the 100th year of the Minguo calendar, everyone is looking for the “Hundred Year Good Fortune” to rain upon their marriages. Fan Fan (Christine Fan) and Blackie (Charles Chen), after a long 10 years and 5 months, will finally walk down the aisle May 7. Good friend Barbie Hsu will be holding her wedding reception with Wang Xiao Fei on Hainan Island on March 22nd, following their lightning wedding that caught the headlines at the end of 2010. Not far behind, Patty Hou follows her friends as she is set to marry Huang Bo Jun on Bali Island in mid-April.

Fan Fan, Da S, and Xiao S recently went to A-mei Chang’s house to celebrate, tossing aside their respective husband and boyfriends for a “girls-only party” full of drinks and gossip as the enjoyed the rare time they had to meet. A-mei will be attending Fan Fan’s wedding, but on the day of Da S’s wedding ceremony she’s scheduled to film an MV for her upcoming album. In her efforts to attend her good friend’s wedding, A-mei has already asked her record company to try to rearrange her schedule in any way possible so she can make it.

But don’t think this ends the list, because in 2011 this type of good news is unending and at least 20 celebrity couples will be walking down that aisle this year. It’s definitely a year of celebrity marriages, with a couple getting engaged or married every month of the first half of this year. And lightning weddings certainly aren’t rare, with actress Vivian Chen marrying real-estate tycoon Austin Wang in February; while Gao Shan Feng, after announcing his engagement to girlfriend Yu Qiong Wei just last month, followed up with a wedding right away. Rumors are still abound of how wedding bells will be ringing soon for Kelly Lin and her American entrepreneur boyfriend Chris. The infamous tutor Gao Guo Hua, best known for locking lips (or tongues) with Chen Tzu Hsuan in a car, will be joining in on the action as they plan to marry in May. The much-reported extramarital affair between TVBS anchors Chen Sheng Hung and Cheryl Pan will end in a mid-July wedding this year. Jason Tang tied the knot just last Friday and Tuo Zong Kang will marry his girlfriend, Kiki, in Guam on April 1. Following the crowd, Host Kang Kang (Kang Jing Rong), actress Kuang Ming Jie, and 20 other celebrity couples will be exchanging nuptials this year.

Netizens anticipate Selina Jen’s wedding the most

Yet according to the results of the online pull, “Whose wedding do you most want to attend?”, Selina Jen and fiance Richard Chang take the lead. This couple had originally planned for an April 1 wedding, but Richard Chang announced earlier that the date would be postponed indefinitely. However, with Selina’s recovery progress, it’s not impossible for the wedding to take place the same day as her birthday, October 31.

With all these weddings, celebrity friends better be saving up those pay checks, because this is going to be a whole lot of red envelopes in 2011.

I’m looking forward to the baby announcements in 2012.

Source: Nextmedia

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