Ella admits to having new boyfriend

Just a few days ago, news reported that S.H.E’s Ella has a new Malaysian boyfriend, Alvin, who is six years older than her. The two are also rumored to have dated for two months. Ella indirectly admitted to her new relationship to the media, “I’ve always been a content and outgoing girl, and recently I’ve become even more content and outgoing.”

Ella was also spotted bringing her new boyfriend home and some news sites even wrote that the two were already living together, but Ella immediately denied, “No!”

After taking a break for half a year, Ella began work again on the 4th, keeping a low profile, but the media were already waiting for her. She treated the reporters to some Macarons, but was asked, “Are Macarons or Malay Cake more delicious?” causing her to blush.

Reporters continued to tease and asked if they should sing “Congratulations Congratulations” or “Love-ING” to her. However, when the media pressed further to ask questions such as, “how long they’ve met” and “why she finds Alvin attractive”, Ella simply repeated her answer, “Thank you for everyone’s concern.”

Source: UDN, Appledaily, LibertyTimes

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