Chang Yun-Jing moves in with new BFF Shadya Lan

Chang Yun-Jing’s androgynous image has attracted many die-hard female fans, but fans have recently become very unhappy about Jing's new BFF and singer-songwriter Shadya Lan.

Jing and Shadya became good friends after Jing was baptized as a Christian. Jing has even moved in with Shadya recently. The two, along with other Christian friends including Jane Huang and Gina Lee, are looking for a bigger place so they can all live together.

Shadya has been attending Jing's book signing sessions and wrote about Jing's feelings after being baptized on her microblog. However, this has upset Jing fans as their form of communication suddenly changed from “Chang Yun-Jing – Jing fans” to “Chang Yun-Jing – Shadya Lan – Jing fans” – fans dislike hearing the latest news about their idol from Shadya. Fans feel that Shadya is using their idol to get popular and that she has stolen their idol away.

However, Jing responded, “I love my fans, but she (Shadya) is my friend. Please respect my right to make friends.” She then added, “Our friendship won’t be affected because of this.” Unfortunately, some Jing fans decided to quit the fan club, “You support Shadya Lan and you’re scolding us because of her!”

Seeing the current heated situation, Jing’s record company decided to put all her activities on hold and have her take a month of vacation. Gold Typhoon expressed that they have spent a lot of time and effort on Jing but she has still not gotten used to showbiz after three years since her debut, “We hope that she can take a long break to have fun and sleep well. The company encourages Yun-Jing to make new friends, so that it can broaden her vision. We also hope that she would cherish the company’s efforts and her fans love and care for her.”

Source: UDN, Chinatimes

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