[Updated] Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng reunite after 6 years

Though Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng broke up in 2004, word that they have gotten together again has been spreading. A few days ago, the two were caught together out on a date for afternoon tea at a restaurant. The two were acting very sweetly with each other while sharing a pork ribs meal together. They stayed there for more than two hours before leaving with smiles and laughter on their faces. It resulted in Sammi posting a message on her Weibo (Chinese twitter/micro-blog) that said, "It feels good." According to reports, when the media asked Sammi whether she and Andy Hui were back together, she was in such a good mood that she smiled the entire time and didn't respond. Her manager's reaction to this was "I didn't know about them going out to eat together, so the record company has no response on our stance in this." Neither parties have come right out to respond to the rumors of them dating, as of yet.

It's been confirmed by the two that they are indeed back together once more. The two are quite happy being together again, and rumors are now starting to fly around that they are planning to hold their wedding in France later this year in August.

Source: UDN, Nextmedia, NOWnews

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