Will Pan prays to have a new love relationship

Will Pan was working in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve. Thus, he brought his parents and younger brother along to celebrate the New Year and to have a family dinner at the hotel. Will was holding a signing event which lasted until 11pm; he and his family could only order room service for dinner, but nonetheless, they still had a fun time playing cards together. Other than going easy on his parents in the card game, he gave them a red envelope with a million dollars (NT) in it. Furthermore, Will also paid for all of his parents' expenses on this New Year's trip. His parents also gave him a red envelope containing $16,800 as good luck ("168" means to keep making money). Will said, “My mom and dad give me a red envelope every year. I always keep them because I think they’re especially meaningful.”

Will followed the tradition of Hong Kong citizens and went to buy some peach blossoms (which usually signify the blossoming of love relationships). When he saw a bunch of peach blossoms at the lobby upon returning to his record company, he even kneeled down and prayed. Will’s mom expressed that she hopes he can “find his other half soon.” But Will joked, “I already have thousands of wives!” — referring to his all-girl fans.

Will also visited 100% Entertainment recently and here's a skit of him and Show trying to pick up some "girls" at the pub:

Source: Appledaily, EmStage's channel

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