Veteran songwriter Cheng Chin I arrested on drug charges

55 year-old singer-songwriter Cheng Chin I was arrested on the 15th for use and possession of amphetamine. Police searched his New Taipei City home at around 6 am and found 2.27 grams of the substance in his bedroom. Cheng reportedly admitted to the police that he has been using amphetamine, explaining that it was mainly for relieving stress and keeping him awake. He said someone that he ran into at a restaurant several months ago had offered him to try drug for free. Out of curiosity and a lack of creative inspiration, he began using it as a result. However, some reports hinted that he's been “under the influence” as far back as the time when he wrote his greatest hit “家後 (Wife)” for Jody Chiang's 2001 album. Cheng Chin I’s girlfriend and manager Hsieh Hsi Hui rushed to his assistance at the Taipei City Police Department later in the morning, and said she didn't know about his drug use until the arrest. Cheng was released on NT$30,000 bail at 4:30 pm.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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