Super Junior-M arrives in Taiwan minus one member

Approximately 300 fangirls were on hand to welcome Super Junior-M at the Taoyuan Int'l Airport on Wednesday. The group is in Taiwan for 24 hours to promote their new Chinese album “Perfection”, but member Zhou Mi couldn’t make it because his visa wasn’t ready in time. Nevertheless the rest of SJ-M along with their new members were able to attend the Taipei press conference. And since it's the Year of the Rabbit, Avex TW invited “Love-Chan” (a bunny rabbit created by Japanese singer Otsuka Ai) to appear as their special guest at the event.

New member Sungmin was asked if singing in Chinese has been difficult for him. He said it was tough in the beginning, but he received help from the other members and hopes to communicate with his fans in Chinese in the future. The other new member Eunhyuk still needs quite a bit of work on his Chinese. He joked that he “can understand, but doesn’t like to speak”. He showed off his unique pronunciation with a tongue twister.

Near the end of the press conference, Siwon thanked fans for their continual support despite the issues that have taken place. On a side note, ever since the release of their title song “Perfection”, some fans have noticed that the chorus “Too Perfect (Tai-Wan-Mei)” sounds just like the phrase “Taiwanese Girl (Taiwan-mei)”. SJ-M will be leaving on the 25th and return for three concert dates at the Taipei Arena starting March 11th.

"Perfection" is now available for preorder at Yesasia (or get the Korean version with an extra track.)

"Too Perfect" or "Taiwanese Girl"? You tell us...

Watch the rabbit "falling" for SJ-M

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, Nownews, UDN, video from SMENT,

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