Sunny Happiness takes over first place from Love Buffet

Not really a surprise considering the numbers are so low nowadays, but CTV must be thrilled with its first win in nearly a year anyway. Mike He and Janine Chang’s “Sunny Happiness” easily topped the Sunday at 10 ratings with 1.67%. “Love Buffet” (1.13%) moved down one place, followed by “Channel-X” (1.04%) in third. Over on Friday, “The Fierce Wife” improved to 2.43% thanks to a cheating husband who shamelessly asked for a divorce.

In other drama news, GTV’s “Extravagant Challenge” is rumored to be tapping Ivy Chen (“Black & White”) for the lead role. Ariel Lin was attached to the project for years before turning it down due to scheduling conflict with her movie. Ivy Chen might be a good fit since her experience includes both films and dramas outside of the idol genre. It also doesn’t hurt that she looks exceptionally young for someone who’s 28. There's only one problem: She is tied down with the movie version of “Black & White”, which has been "test-filming” for months with no end in sight.

Here's a full recap:

In totally unrelated news, Barbie and Ken officially announced they are back together (seven years after their breakup)! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Source: Chinatimes, image from Sunny Happiness's blog, video from Barbie

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