Stefanie Sun releases first MV for new album

Stefanie Sun especially went to the seaside to film the music video for her new album’s main plug, “世說心語 (Telling The World The Words From My Heart)”. Under the recent cold weather, Stefanie exclaimed after filming for three hours, “I’ve been in the rain and cold wind all day, I have goose-bumps all over!” Her staff even prepared scarfs, blankets, and jackets for her so that they could cover her up to keep her warm between takes.

Stefanie taking a rest; staff members quickly dry her hair and give her blankets.

Despite the beautiful scenery shown in the MV, Stefanie’s frequent poses with her arms up caused some netizens to humorously comment, “The MV is all about Yanzi (Stefanie)’s armpits.”

Stefanie Sun's new album "It's Time" is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Whether you like the scenery or Yanzi’s armpits, check out the song below:

Source: LibertyTimes, Appledaily, wdfmusic's channel

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