Selina's wedding date remains the same despite accident

Despite the accident, Selina Jen and her fiance are still planning on holding their wedding on April 1st as originally planned since they have already booked the Sheraton hotel for the day. As expected, her group mates, Hebe and Ella will not be working that day and, instead, will attend her wedding as her bridesmaids.

However, there have been rumors that the groom is the one who wants to continue with the wedding as planned while Selina's father wants them to wait until Selina has completely healed before commencing with the wedding. And, thus, has also booked October 31st at the hotel (Selina's 30th birthday). Since Selina's new skin cannot be exposed to any UV rays, he wanted Selina to spend the first half of the year concentrating on getting well. On the other hand, the groom has already booked two locations for the wedding receptions in addition to the original hotel for the wedding booking.

Also, as previously reported, Selina has reached a settlement with HunanTV. However, her fiance is not fully satisfied with the results and plans on going on a life show to express his dissatisfaction. It seems that Selina's father didn't not know about their until the show called him to ask whether he wanted to make a "surprise" appearance on the show. The son and father-in-law relationship looks like they need some working on from these recent events. Meanwhile, Selina, herself, is concentrating on getting better and working on her rehabilitation so as not to have to trouble the workers who spend hours aiding her each day.

Source: Nextmedia

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