Peter Ho and Janine Chang volunteer for World Vision in Vietnam

After being invited by World Vision Taiwan, Peter Ho and Janine Chang started out yesterday for a six day trip to Vietnam. The always compassionate and generous Peter footed the bill to 100,000 NTD or hygiene products for the locals, 6 large boxes of presents totaling 120kg. Since they were overweight, he promised instead, "I'll send 50kg first and I will pay for freight shipping for the remaining 70kg." He also bought toothpaste and toothbrushes to give to the children, "The locals all use pools of dirty water, we need to provide the concept of health to them so that they will grow up healthy."

Janine, who likes to draw, prepared a variety of brushes, markers and other stationary products, "Using a paintbrush to draw out their thoughts of life will also them to express their ideas and open the horizons of the children." Since Peter's foot still has yet to completely heal, yesterday, he returned to the hospital to get it re-wrapped.

When the two arrive, they will be reading together with the children, cooking, and, since they both of them love photography, they will be recording the daily lives of the locals with a professional camera. Once they arrive back in Taiwan, they will sell the camera and donate the proceeds to charity. Prior to leaving, Peter also said, "(My) friends sometimes say that I am childish, so I hope that this time my childishness will allow me to become closer to the children."

Sources: UDN

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