Love Buffet continues to lead idol dramas ratings

Love Buffet” easily won its timeslot with an average of 1.82% last Sunday. Second place went to “Channel-X” which has slowly improved to 1.31%. But with production underway for “Drunken to Love You”, it remains to be seen if SETTV will stick with the under-performing drama much longer. There is some good news for "Love Buffet" and "Channel-X": CTV has pushed back “Sunny Happiness” starring Mike He and Janine Chang until Feb. 13th. A Chinese New Year edition of “Million Star” is scheduled for this Sunday, followed by a preview of the new drama at 11 pm.

Although it's a little early to look ahead, "Material Queen” now appears to be getting its first run on CTV after all. To get an early start on the promotions, Van Ness Wu and Lynn Xiong will be greeting CTV viewers via satellite on the network's New Year’s Eve special. Interestingly, it was only a month ago when CTS revealed that they had planned to air the drama in March.  Now that their "Queen" is gone, could they be going back to "Gossip Girl" for a second season?  Or would this free up a slot for the GTV-produced "Sunshine Girl"? -- There's only one slight problem; it might be on a collision course with "Drunken to Love You" (Rainie vs Rainie) if they both debut in spring.

And for those in a festive mood, there are a slew of CNY specials coming our way: TTV’s “Red & White Entertainment Awards” (featuring Show Luo, ELVA Hsiao, SHINee) and CTV’s “Million Star Battle” (featuring former Million Star contestants, Lu Chen The Magician, FT Island) will hit the airwaves on Feb. 2nd. In observance of the holiday season, no blood will be shed on prime-time dramas “Night Market Life” and “Jia He Wan Shi Xing (Peaceful Family)”. FTV, which airs “Night”, even promises that there will be no funeral or hospital least not for now.

Here's a full recap:

Source: Chinatimes

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