Jerry Yan becomes Zai Zai?

Last year, Jerry Yan earned more than 30 million NTD and replaced Zai Zai in the Kang Shi Fu Honey Jasmine Tea advertisements. He recently shot a poster together with Cyndi Wang that was placed in all corners of China. However, eagle-eyed fans found a huge mistake on the poster. Despite the photo being of Jerry and Cyndi, the writing was actually Zai Zai and Cyndi Wang. When he heard of  this, Jerry laughed and said, "Then, I should change my name to Zai Zai." Most of the posters have already been replaced to a corrected version and more will be reprinted.

On a side note, Jerry has at least ten scripts on his hands and is carefully trying to pick a role that is different from his previous idol drama roles -- one that is manlier.

Source: Nextmedia

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