Jay Chou vs. Kobe Bryant in basketball

Jay Chou recently collaborated with Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers in a Sprite commercial acting as opponents on the basketball court. In the commercial Jay is constantly being blocked by Kobe, ending in him saying, "Kobe is like a wall that I can't get past. Even a person, like me, with so much confidence can also become dismayed."

On Kobe, Jay says, "To collaborate with Kobe is the dream of many. To score against him is naturally impossible. The commercial was very creative in having me make a slam dunk on a skateboard. It was inconceivable -- the more impossible it is, the more fun it is." As for Kobe, he also praised Jay saying, "I knew Jay was a very remarkable all-round Chinese singer. His basketball skills greatly surpassed what I imagined and surprised me."

Not only did Jay and Kobe collaborate for the advertisement, they also sang a new single as the theme for the commercial, "天地一鬥" (roughly "Battle Between Heaven and Earth") Both Jay's and Kobe's names are in the lyrics written by Jiun-Lang Huang. This song, composed by Jay, also contains the most English lyrics out of all of Jay's songs. (Previously, the only English was in "Tornado" where he said "Baby.")

Jay plans on filming the MV in the States, and Kobe held a press conference in the US stating that all proceeds from the downloads of the song will go to charity. Though Jay was not present, through a video he said, "When Kobe is bored, he can listen to my songs. To express the pressure of competition, I have many slow and fast songs. I hope we can play ball together next time."


Theme Song

Source: UDN, JVRmusic

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