Hsiao Hung-Jen wants to reconcile with ex-girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Singer-songwriter Hsiao Hung-Jen wrote about how he fought with his ex-girlfriend in his latest single, “Shut Up…Please?” But Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Hsiao expressed, “I miss the times that we were together, I still hope that we can reconcile and be together again.”

Hsiao revealed that he met his ex-girlfriend 2-3 years ago while he was performing at Riverside Live House; it was love at first sight, but due to the differences in their jobs, they often quarreled, and they agreed to take some time off.

Hsiao explained that his ex-girlfriend works in sales. He described that she’s very mature and a capable worker, who often took him as a client; she would say “hello” and “thank you” to him a lot when they chat on the phone, making him feel rather awkward. During a previous Valentine’s Day, he wanted to be romantic and took her to the seaside, but she quickly fell asleep due to being exhausted after working for the whole day.

Although the two have broken up, they continue to be in touch. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, they have already arranged to go eat hot pot together with his BFF Yen-J.

Check out Hsiao Hung-Jen's live performance of "太自由" (Too Free):

Hsiao Hung-Jen sings Lala Hsu's "失落沙洲" (Lost Shoal):

Source: UDN, BenShiuan's channel

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