Highlights of the 2011 Red and White Superstar special

It’s been a slow update on many news sources due to the New Year (everyone is on holiday). In case you missed the big TTV 2011 Red and White Superstar special, here are some highlights. By the end of the show, no one really remembered who was on which team, but regardless, the audience still voted for the white team (lead by Harlem Yu).

JJ Lin performed a medley of his self-composed songs from his recent “She Says” album:

Kenji Wu vs. Will Pan
As we all know by now, Kenji can’t seem to keep his clothes on. He ripped his top off under a man-made waterfall. Although Will didn’t even take his jacket off, he burnt himself a little while dancing with some sparklers in his hands.

David Tao appeared in the middle of the audience; the fans kept themselves calm while rushing up to get a handshake from the Golden Melody Best Male Singer – not forgetting to sing along at the chorus. It's been a long while since we've seen the singer (who didn't even show up to receive his GMA). In related news, David was recently rumored to be engaged, but his father explained that David has over 70 girlfriends, so even he doesn't know which is his real one.

Hong Kong pop: Daniel Chan and Gigi Leung brought the audience back to retro HK pop, singing their classic hits. Seeing the two former idol stars on the same stage, host Chang Hsiao-Yen were able to confirm that they were ‘twins’ (j/ks).

Jpop vs. Kpop stars
Atari Kosuke performed a soothing ballad with his distinctive vocals.

Popular kpop girl group After School gave their Taiwan debut performance at the Red and White concert.

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It was also Thelma Aoyama’s first time in Taiwan and she performed a total of three songs, including “Stay By My Side” – which had two Mandarin remakes from Da Mouth and Fish Leong.

SHINee tried their best to cover all of Jonghyun’s parts, who could not go to perform in Taiwan.

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Ending performances: ELVA vs. Show Luo
ELVA brought some transformers dancers with her to perform her latest dance hit, “Miss ELVA”. Show Luo gave a “speshow” dance break with a CNY remix.


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