Hayate completes its filming

Just a few days ago, GTV’s “Hayate The Combat Butler” completed its filming. Since lead actress Park Shin-Hye had already returned to Korea, the crew all voted for her as the “queen of retakes” at the after-party. But lead actor George Hu felt bad and decided to take on the title as "king of retakes". He explained, “I admit that I caused quite a lot of retakes. I can remember my dialogues but because my Chinese isn’t perfect, I would have to retake.”

Costar and Otaku Goddess Tia Li has been nicknamed “dashing Li” for her busy schedule as she constantly received offers to film commercials while shooting for the drama; she would often dash in and out of the set once she finishes her scenes. In hope to get rid of her nickname, she stayed for the celebration party. After she got drunk and was about to be carried home by her manager, she kept shouting, “I want to continue!”

Wu Hoo member Shao Xiang laughed, "My friends didn't think it was anything when they heard that I was filming with George Hu and Park Shin-Hye, but their eyes became wide open when I said Tia Li." His friends also attempted to get Tia's contact number from him.

Source: UDN

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