First look at the 2011 update of A Chinese Ghost Story

This is no fairytale for kiddies—“A Chinese Fairy Tale” is in fact an update of  the 1987 classic “A Chinese Ghost Story starring Joey Wong and the late Leslie Cheung. The upcoming film by director Wilson Yip (“Ip Man”) will not only have a new twist on the love story, it’ll also showcase special effects that were not available back in the 80s (remember the giant tongue?). In contrast to past adaptations, this version will be told from the perspective of Taoist priest Yan Chi Xia. Yan, who has always been a supporting character in the series, is now played by Louis Koo with facial hair and Van Helsing gear. He has a complicated relationship with Liu Yi Fei’s character Nie Xia Qian which hasn’t been depicted previously. Yu Shao Qun rounds out the cast as her love interest Ning Cai Chen.

“A Chinese Fairy Tale” opens in theaters on April 22nd.


Source: UDN, images from Sohu, video from UrsaMinorFuji

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