Della Ding helps Shiou Jieh Kai wash his hair

Three times the charm, right? Della Ding comes back for the third time with a MV starring Shiou Jieh Kai. Unlike the two previous times, this MV features the two acting out a kissing scene and Della personally washing Shiou's hair for him. Sitting in the tub, Shiou praised Della's skills, "To have such a beautiful girl wash my hair is truly a blessing."

The song, "想原諒 (roughly Want To Forgive)," was composed by Mayday and now has a beautiful MV featuring Shiou and Della with plenty of intimate scenes showing the blissful times of a couple prior to their breakup. However, not only did Della have to wear a sleeveless dress in 7°C weather, she also sometimes fell so into the acting that she could not control her own emotions and continued crying. Seeing her like this, Shiou also became distressed and apologized to her over and over again on set.

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Watch the MV:

Source: UDN

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