Da S to take break from acting after marriage

A few days ago, Barbie Hsu appeared in Beijing for an endorsement activity and stated that due to preparing for the wedding ceremony, she's been hard pressed for time. With all the pressure that is placed on her, she almost doesn't want to go through with it anymore. She also revealed that she will temporarily leave the entertainment industry for awhile after marriage. Besides a few carefully chosen advertisements, she will not be appearing in any dramas within this period.

She has confirmed that Tsai Kang-yung will be the MC for the wedding, and it will be a simple wedding for only family and a few friends. As for plans after marriage, Da S has stated that she wants a child as soon as possible while she is still fairly young, so that she will be able to recuperate faster. And she will say goodbye to acting for a while, "Now that I have a home, I don't want to sacrifice so much for work anymore."

Being the perfectionist that she is, with all the wedding preparations, Da S has been putting so much pressure on herself that her mom and Xiao S had to step in and try to get her to relax.

Sources UDN, Nextmedia

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