Black and White movie requests for 1000 extras and gets 600

Having started test shooting the Black and White movie, Director Cai asked for 1000 extras to shoot a frantic escape out of a shopping center. Despite only being paid 300 NTD for being an extra, 600 people showed up including many students who skipped school.

Black and White had spent around 350 million NTD total and the movie will include even more chases and explosions. Yesterday, they started filming at 6AM in the Dream Mall in Kaohsiung. The scene is of an explosion that happens during a concert and has the audience hastily running away. The crew had requested for 1000 extras online a month ago but only 600 managed to show up. Since it was going to be an explosion scene, the crew also set up all the extras with insurance.

Source: Nextmedia

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