Ashin to be special guest at JJ's concert

JJ Lin will be holding his "I Am" concert on April 1st and 2nd in the Taipei Dome. He personally made a call to Mayday's Ashin to ask him to be the special guest at his concert. Ashin agreed instantly, but, when he heard the date, he had to ask, "April Fool's Day? Are you going to trick me?" To which JJ replied, "It's us joining together to trick the fans."

The two of them are both are singers and song writers, and both have their own brand with stores in Shanghai right next door to each other. After JJ asked Ashin to write the lyrics of "Black Fighter" in 2008, the two have not collaborated again, so this will be a great chance for the two to stand together once again.

Sources: Libertytimes, Nextmedia

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