Anthony Neely goes home for the New Year

Anthony Neely could finally go home (February 1st) to reunite with his family and relatives in America to celebrate the New Year. Although his mom has been accompanying him upon the release of his debut album on November 18th, he has not seen his dad since November of 2009. To prepare for the big reunion, his record company even took him to a restaurant to learn how to cook some crab as a New Year dish. Anthony revealed that their family's New Year dinner usually starts from lunch time and lasts till midnight. When he was little, he would receive red envelopes from his grandparents and auntie after bowing his head to wish them happy New Year, “I would show them off to my classmates at school and say, ‘look, I get red envelopes because I’m Chinese,’ and they would get jealous.” However, it’s Anthony’s turn to give his parents red envelopes this time; when asked how much he would be giving, he laughed, “I’ll see how much I get from my endorsements first.”

In related news, Anthony tried using a brush to write some couplets and after a few attempts, he gave up, “So ugly! I’ll have to accept my fate, but the brush just refuses to cooperate, it keeps splitting on its ends.”

Anthony hopes that he can start doing some screenwriting and compose more songs of his style. He expressed that he does not want his work to be influenced by sales and popularity.

Source: NOWnews, UDN

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