Angela refuses to cry over family troubles

Angela Chang recently gave an exclusive interview to "Marie Claire" about her newest fallout with her family. From beginning to end, she use "that thing" to refer to the situation. She said, "I haven't done anything to be sorry about, so I have the right to defend myself. If I haven't done anything wrong, I will not cry."

With her family matters laid out in the open for all to see, she has had to mature rapidly. During the interview, she was moved to say, "When you are a young girl and someone gives you a piece of candy, you would say, 'Thank you.' Once you've become a young woman, you already understand that there is no such thing as a free meal. On the path to achieve my dream, I was put to the test many times, but all of these are experiences that accumulate in life."

Let's take a look at what has happened in the past couple of days...

Angela's uncle (mother's brother) came out to scold her in public. He called in to TVBS's "全民開講" (roughly "The People Speak") to curse her for never sending even a dime home. He even went so far as to say that, if she could prove that she had sent money home, he would be killed by a car and die without any descendants. Angela had once said that she was constantly in touch with her parents, however, her uncle criticized her saying that she doesn't even know where her parents are currently living.

Not a stranger to the public, her uncle has repeatedly been providing the media with information about Angela's family scandal. He claims that he is fighting for justice for her younger sister and brother-in-law. On the show, when asked what would get him to stop, he stated that he wanted Angela to admit her mistake and apologize to her parents.

Angela's mother has also accepted interviews about the "visit" they made to their son in the army. Apparently, their only wish was to speak to Angela about taxes that Angela has to pay. According to Angela's mother, they only want to discuss the issues with Angela face-to-face instead of passing messages through friends. She does not want to be supported by Angela and only hopes that Angela will pay back the taxes so that the family isn't dragged down along with Angela.

As for the one million that Angela's father previously mentioned wanting Angela to give them before even speaking with Angela, Angela's mother wrote it off as words said in anger. They can take care of themselves and only want Angela to handle the taxes owed so that the burden wouldn't fall to the family. Right now the family has to take on odd jobs and have a third of it taken away to pay for the taxes.

Due to all this family drama, Angela's endorsements has also been affected. Rumor has it that her contract with a beverage company in the Mainland has been canceled and she has been replaced as the spokesperson for Taiwan's contact lens company. According to her record company, it was only that the negotiations fell through and the contract wasn't renewed.

Meanwhile, Angela has been trying to keep her scheduled appearances for the new year's celebrations, though never lingering long enough for anyone to catch her to ask about the family issue. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon without anymore hair pulling and fighting...

Source: UDN

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