Yao Yao rides in helicopter to get to Taitung's countdown

Otaku Goddess Yao Yao brought her junior Jing Bo Ran along to perform at three countdown concerts, going from Taipei, Kaohsiung, to Taitung. Especially on her way to Taitung, she rode in a helicopter in order to make it there on time. The rental fee for the helicopter reportedly cost around a hundred thousand TWD. Yao Yao revealed that she is actually afraid of heights so she was quite worried about riding in the helicopter beforehand. Luckily, because she was too tired from her previous performance, she fell asleep after three minutes and didn’t wake up until they were about to land.

Yao Yao went to Taimali at 5am on the 1st in hope to see the first sunrise. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a chance to see it due to the thick clouds. But she still said cheerfully, “Although it’s too bad, I got to meet a lot of friends. We’ve promised to meet up here again next year!”

Watch Yao Yao's performance at the Taipei countdown concert:

Source: Appledaily, jjinzhong's channel

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