William splits pants during Lollipop F photobook signing

Yesterday, Lollipop F held a signing for their "Lollipop F In Jeju Photo Album". For the book, they endured the freezing temperatures to give out hugs to their fans. Despite being sick, their junior, Derrick Hoh, even came to performed the song "If You're Not Here (空位)" and brought along four bean paste buns for them. However, during the activity, William happened to split his pants, marring the image of their "popular heavenly group". He ended up having to tie a shirt around his waist, making his look quite mismatched from the other 3 members.

Rarely do they ever get a break, so this new year's vacation Owodog wants to take his mother to the hot springs and A-wei wants to take his family to a park. Since he's about to open a hair salon, Fabien wants to use this vacation to visit Disneyland in Tokyo. And William already has plans to visit Kenji Wu in Kaohsiung. Perhaps to learn about shirt ripping instead...

Lollipop F in Jeju Photo Album is now available for purchase on YesAsia!

Source: UDN

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