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It was more of the same for idol dramas as “Channel-X” remained in the top spot last week. The most interesting competition was in fact between Li Jing’s “Diamond Club” and Matilda Tao’s “Million Star” on Sundays at 8 pm. It was touted as the battle of top female hosts when the struggling “Million” was moved from Fridays to Sundays back in November. The show was once the most successful televised singing competition in Taiwan and even earned Tao a Golden Bell. However, due to the disappointing ratings in its new timeslot, as well as the lack of interest from viewers after sever seasons, rumors began to circulate that “Million” would be canceled.

On the other hand, Li’s “Diamond Club” has performed consistently on Sundays, while her other show “Super Idol” (on Saturdays at 10 pm) frequently outscored “Million” in the ratings. But the tides have turned again in recent months: Season 5 of Super Idol hasn’t performed up to expectations with numbers averaging in the mid 1’s (compared to mid 2’s for the previous.) And although “Million” initially struggled after moving to Sundays, it has slowly gained ground on “Diamond” and even scored better ratings than “Idol”.

Will Matilda Tao finally get a win against Li Jing in their head to head battle (or does it matter at all since they're both losing to Hu Gua's "Variety Gathering"...)? Here’s a look at their numbers in the past few weeks:

Diamond Club vs Million Star

Dec. 19, 2010
Diamond Club: 2.17%
Million Star: 1.74%

Dec. 26, 2010
Diamond Club: 2.45%
Million Star: 1.99%

Jan.02, 2011
Diamond Club: 2.23%
Million Star: 1.92%

Jan. 10, 2011
Diamond Club: 2.34%
Million Star: 2.19%

Fun facts: Matilda Tao and Li Jing have both received Golden Bells for “Million Star” and “Super Idol” respectively. The former won hers in 2007 from the “Entertainment Variety Show Host” category, while the latter in 2008 from “Musical Variety Show Host”. To eliminate potential nominees from entering in a less competitive category for a better chance to win, “Musical” was merged with “Entertainment” in the 2009 Golden Bell, which became commonly known as the “Li Jing Clause”.

Here is a full recap of last week's ratings:

Source: Chinatimes

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