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After five years since debut, A-Lin has been steadily rising and her latest fourth album, “Loneliness Is Not The Hardest Part”, takes third place on both the G-Music and Five Music album sales charts. She also takes up the first two spots on ezPeer+’s singles chart. A-Lin expressed, “I hope that my music can comfort others, (and) embrace everyone’s heart.”

Fish Leong’s newest album, “What Love Songs Didn’t Tell You”, was also released on the same day as A-Lin’s (Christmas Eve). The two songstresses have been battling in the pop charts and Fish takes the lead in album sales at second place, while A-Lin’s singles dominate the digital charts. A-Lin responded, “Senior Jing Ru (Fish) is already a pop queen, and I will continue to learn from her. Everyone is starting to know me more now, thank you for liking my songs.”

In related news, KKBOX’s annual awards ceremony happened just this past weekend. Check out the results below! 

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Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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