Weekly pop charts: Angie Lee tops G-Music's album sales chart

Angie Lee tops G-Music’s album sales chart with her newest Taiwanese (dialect) album, “戀愛路100號” (roughly ‘100 Love Road’). Just to refresh your memory, Angie did an almost-nude photo shoot to promote the album, which stirred up some heated debate on the web. When asked if her great bod helped in her album sales, she admitted, “More or less!”

The 34 year old songstress has been in showbiz for 22 years and has had great success in the Taiwanese (dialect) music scene. Following the “rebirth” theme for her latest album, Angie recently changed her Chinese name from Lee Jia back to her real name, Lee Ai-Qi.

There has been no movement on the KTV chart. A-Lin’s “Give Me A Reason To Forget” continues to be locked in first place on the singles charts.

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Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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