Tiger Huang takes top spot and A-Lin dominates with 3 singles on ezPeer+'s top 10 of 2010

ezPeer+ announced their top ten singles of 2010 just a few days ago. As expected, Tiger Huang’s KTV hit “Not That Simple” takes first place with over a million hits. Tiger expressed, “I’m happy that after so many years, the fans are still giving me support. What I worry is whether I’ll be able to do even better on my next album, I feel great pressure. But I’m confident in myself!” On the other hand, A-Lin dominates with three singles taking up 2nd, 4th, and 6th place. While album sales were taken over by the idols, fans prefer great songs and vocals for continuous replay. Check out the top 10 below!

ezPeer+'s top 10 singles of 2010.

A-Lin held a mini concert at the Riverside Live House to celebrate the success of her latest fourth album, “Loneliness Doesn’t Hurt”. Her main plug, “Give Me A Reason To Forget”, has been the champion on the singles charts for consecutive weeks and is currently also the most popular ring tune download. Touched by all the great news, the songstress was almost in tears during her performance.

 Avex Taiwan's GM Miyazaki Shinji and A-Lin posing in front of No.1 ice sculptures to celebrate her new album's success.

Songwriter Lala Hsu came to support A-Lin and brought three different kinds of chicken soup for A-Lin (who fell sick) to nourish her health. Lala was greatly moved by A-Lin singing “No Matter Happiness Has Come or Not” (composed by Lala), but when asked what she thought about A-Lin crying during the performance, Lala teased, “It was very unprofessional!” which caused the audience to fall in laughter.

A-Lin revealed that she has already accepted over 20 invites to perform at company year-end concerts. When the media asked if there would be any special showcases, she laughed, “Singing high notes, showing my legs.” The media asked further if she would be dressing in something “hotter” and more revealing like showing off her *“career line” (cleavage), she joked, “My ‘career line’ has always been my throat area here, can you see?”

A-Lin's album is now available at YesAsia!

A-Lin's press con + mini concert (@part3):

[Eng subs] A-Lin's "Loneliness Doesn't Hurt":

*The 'career line' has become a popular term used to refer to cleavage...because more and more frequently, cleavage has become a measure of success in showbiz.

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