Stars hit the red carpet for the 2011 Red and White CNY special

It doesn’t air till February but stars were out in full force on the 10th for TTV’s Chinese New Year’s Eve special, “2011 Superstar Red and White Entertainment Awards”. Will Pan, who’s performing on the show for the first time, revealed a scary incident involving one of his female dancers on the previous night. During rehearsals, she was handed the burning end of a sparkler by the production staff and suffered second degree burns as a result. Pan was furious and left a message on his blog criticizing the lack of concern over the performers’ safety, questioning whether people have learned anything from last year’s tragic accident (referring to Selina’s.) His manager revealed they had intended to do two full rehearsals but were reduced to one by the production because of time constraints. The crew also failed to prepare enough sparklers needed for the performance, leaving half of the dancers rehearsing without one.

Due to the sheer size of the 4-hour production, there were extensive delays in the rehearsals which left David Tao and Fish Leong without anytime to rehearse until shortly before the show began. Red carpet took place at the Taipei Arena in the afternoon of the 10th. Returning hosts Harlem Yu and Chang Hsiao Yen arrived in their creepy “Alice in Wonderland” attire. Other stars including ELVA Hsiao, Will Pan, JJ Lin, Thelma Aoyama, Atari Kosuke, After School and SHINee came in either pleasant red carpet outfits or simply the same thing they will be wearing on stage. As for 80s boygroup Grasshoppers, they left us speechless…

The 2011 Superstar Red and White Entertainment Awards will air on February 2nd.

Red Carpet (Harlem Yu and Chang Hsiao Yen, Grasshoppers, ELVA Hsiao, Will Pan, JJ Lin)

Red Carpet (SHINee, After School, Atari Kosuke, Thelma Aoyama)

Clip of Lollipop F's performance

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Libertytimes, UDN, videos from ttvnewsview's Channel

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