Show Luo shows off new body in rose petal bath

In 2010, Show Luo topped the annual album sales chart for the first time with his seventh album, Rashomon, but naturally the pressure has increased this time round, as there are even higher expectations for his eighth album, due out next month which is tentatively titled “The One and Only”*.

Wearing a revealing suit and half-submerged in a rose-petal bath, the latest photographs coming from the singer exposes his new hairstyle and also a little of his newly-trained body. In the less than ten degree Celsius rose petal bath, Show admitted that his chest muscles and abs looked more solid and firm because of the temperature of the water, but stressed that they looked that way mostly because of the training that he has completed.

Show’s determination to change his image started during his vacation in Hawaii last year, where apparently, a female co-worker teased him about his body, comparing it to a dolphin when the solidly-built men in Speedos on the beaches were sharks. On his return to Taiwan, he immediately sent out a call for help to well-known fitness instructor, Ruo Di Pan (潘若迪). To test his determination, coach Pan deliberately arranged for Show to take aerobics classes with some ladies in the grandmother age-group, but however humiliating the experience was, it has certainly paid off. Coach Pan supervised Show through twenty days of weight training and aerobics classes and at the end, Show was 6 kilograms lighter and had gained a more sculpted body.

The concept for Show’s previous album revolved around the expression of his trendy man identity through fashion accessories, the most important being sunglasses which appeared in most of his photoshoots. For his next album, the theme leans toward a more mature, sophisticated and formal look, using simple but elegant suits to present the gentlemen side to Show’s persona.

*The name of his new album hasn't been confirmed by Show or his record company and is a rough translation

Source: Appledaily, LibertyTimes

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