Selina makes her first public appearance since explosion accident

Three months after her terrifying accident, Selina (Jen Chia Hsuan) made her first public appearance at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in the afternoon of the 19th. The press conference was previously scheduled for the 20th before it was moved up by a day. Selina made her way up the stage with the help of Ella and Hebe. She was also accompanied by her parents and HIM Records executive Linda He at the press conference, but her fiancĂ© Richard Chang was not present. Selina's appearance has noticeably changed but she has remained positive and determined. Holding back her tears, she happily announced, “[I can] finally return home!”

Selina said, “During this time, I received well wishes from people that I didn’t know before and I’ve known. Their wishes have come true. Thank you everyone. Thank you dad, mom, [my younger] sister, thank you Ah Zhong (fiancĂ© Richard Chang).” Selina suffered burns to 54% of her body and underwent three skin graft operations over the past months. She continued to wear an elastic compression garment at the press conference as part of her recovery. After being released from the hospital, she is required to return once a week for her treatment.

Source: Appledaily, UDN, video from TTVnews

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