Selina hopes to leave the hospital before Chinese New Year

According to Appledaily, Selina Jen will be holding a press conference on or around the 20th when she leaves the hospital. Many fans have mixed feelings about this; some expressed, “We’re not in a hurry…can we not?” while others said, “I really want to see you soon, but don’t force yourself, we can wait.”

Selina's sister revealed that Selina has been missing home and is hoping to leave the hospital before Chinese New Year. The hospital has also expressed that Selina is safe to return home in her current condition. In regards to the press conference, Selina would like to thank the fans and the public during this time, and wishes that the media would not need to follow her home trying to snap a photo. Staff members revealed that Selina has slowly regained her lively personality where she even joked that she would appear at the press con with a hat, sunglasses, and mask, then take them off one by one like “peeling an onion.” Selina’s mom has also confirmed about the press con, “There have been so many people caring about the situation, we need to thank them. It’s also why many things went smoothly.”

Some reported that there is a possibility that Selina may appear in a recorded video instead of in person at the press con to avoid any physical contact that may cause to infect her wounds.

Source: Appledaily, UDN, Chinatimes

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