Ricky Hsiao shows off his photo taking skills

Sight-impaired singer-songwriter Ricky Hsiao recently joined the big family of Warner Music with good friend Tiger Huang’s help – whom he composed the KTV hit “Not That Simple” for. The two veterans did a photo shoot for Chinese New Year and wrote couplets. Although Ricky’s writing of his own name was indecipherable, he showed the media his amazing photo-taking skills, and took a perfect picture of Tiger. He explained that he can adjust the camera with sound, so as long as his subject speaks to him, he’ll know exactly where they are. But he then humorously asked, “I’ve been wondering, if ghosts appear in front of me at night, would I be able to see them.”

It was also Ricky's first time doing a promotional photo shoot and he expressed, "I used to have to do everything myself before joining an international record company, and of course we never spent money to take promotional photos, so upon receiving this photo shoot notice, I was quite happy!" Ricky then joked, "How come it's not Amber Kuo taking photos with me?"

Both Ricky and Tiger released their new albums recently. They will be holding a concert at Legacy (venue) on February 26th, and the majority of the tickets have already been sold out after just the first day. Ricky, who has already won more than one Golden Melody awards for best Taiwanese (dialect) male singer, expressed that he hopes to win one for best Mandarin male singer.

See the clip:

Ricky's latest single "Last Train" MV:

Check out Ricky singing "Roof Top" with A-Lin:

Source: Appledaily, UDN, CNA, Chinatimes, sugoishow3's and warnertaiwan's channel

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