Repackaged boy group JPM gets ready to launch

Following the breakup of Lollipop, Lil Jay, Prince, and Modi have now become ‘JPM’ signing with Sony Music Taiwan, becoming label-mates with Leehom Wang and Rainie Yang. They held a press conference in Hong Kong on the 11th at 1:11PM to announce the great news.

Now under a different label than Lollipop F, when asked if they would be afraid of being compared, Jay replied, “We are still very good friends with them. This is a friendly battle and it’s also great news for the industry.”

JPM vows to become “Asia’s best singing and dancing boy group”. Besides their great dancing, each member will also develop their own talents. Jay has been writing songs/lyrics and his work will be presented in the new album; Prince has already filmed two movies and two idol dramas; Modi, who's already good at dancing, will continue to practice his acting skills.

300 fans supported the new boy group at the press conference. JPM expressed that it felt like they were newcomers again. They hope to become an all-round boy group that’s able to host variety shows, sing, and dance; they look forward to holding a concert at the Taipei Arena one day.

Source: UDN, LibertyTimes

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