Random Chat (#12)

So I’m your host today for this week's Random Chat! Here’s an interesting picture of actors Lin You-Wei, Kingone, and Megan Lai at the press conference for Taiwan’s first 3D (!!!) prime time drama, which will be produced by Next TV; It’s going to be 35 episodes long and broadcast in June.

Songs of the week:
Okay, the only way for Harlem to redeem himself from one bad wardrobe after another is a good song. And since we’re on the topic of dramas, here’s Harlem’s “Silently” – theme song to the 2006 idol drama "Silence" starring Vic Chou and Park Eun Hye:

Here's another classic drama theme song: Fan Fan's "Qi Cheng" (Departure), which was for the 2002 idol drama "Tomorrow" starring Rainie Yang, Shawn Yue, Eddie Peng, and Fan Fan:

Let the chat begin!

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